Preá Beach by Eliseu Souza

Preá beach is one of the most sublime kitesurfing destinations in the world, among other north eastern Brazil spots on the same coastline. Strong cross-onshore winds blow across the large spacy Sandy beaches. Located, just 12 kilometers upwind from more famous brother Jericoacoara , many kiters make the daily trip from Jeri to Preá to kite in slightly less punchy winds (before downwinding back to Jeri) Preá is less protected so the winds come in very constant, but on the other side has a bit more heavy chop to deal with than Jeri for example. Advantage of Preá over Jeri is that you can kite right in front of your accommodation.


     The winds in Preá are similar but usually a few knots less than downwind of Jeri village. It blows an average of at least 25 knots from July till December. The strongest winds are from August to November and the temperatures average 27-30 C the whole season with pleasant water temperatures of 25-28 C The wind chill can be less pleasant around sunset, so bring some jumpers!


     Preá is still an authentic small fisher village. Not many tourists come here if it isn t for kitesurfing. There are a few good accommodation options, a couple of nice ones are located on the beach, but you can also stay in locally owned guesthouses and pousadas. There are some local restaurants serving fresh seafood as well as internationally inspired dishes. For more dinner options we recommend to head over to Jerí.

     There are transfers provided between Preá and Jericoacoara (12 kilometers away). You can also rent a car but you’ll need a 4×4 or buggy, so taxis or transfers come in handy.

     Preá has some basic grocery shops but you’ll find more in the nearby towns of Cruz and Jijoca at a 30min drive. There’s no ATM in the village and most hotel and restaurants accept credit and debit cards. Preá doesn’t have a party scene, instead it’s great for a relaxed break. 

     Wind is guaranteed during the season but, if it’s not blowing, go for a hike in the dunes or explore the lagoons in the neighbourhood. You can get beauty or spa treatment in some hotels, or relax by the pool.