Pedra Furada of Jericoacoara


Jericoacoara, called Jerí by the locals, is a small village in the northeast of Brazil. It is with its pretty remote location, around 300 kilometers from Fortaleza and surrounded by dunes, an idyllic and popular tourist destination. Access is difficult and only by 4by4 vehicles. Wind is guaranteed almost everyday from June through to January, similar like other destinations on this coastline all the way from Cumbuco till Barra grande.

     Jeri counts with fantastic kite conditions along the 25 kilometers of beach downwind of the village. Right behind the big dune of Jericoacoara, where most of the kiting is done, the wind is slightly side off shore. Though a bit gusty, the small kickers are clean as skateboard ramps and once you are airborn, you will feel the G force of 30+knots. Further downwind towards Guriu river the wind is perfect side onshore. Many people do downwind untill the rivermouth or all the way till Tatajuba. Prea is about 12 km upwind and also a popular downwind into Jeri.


     The wind blows cross or cross-onshore, predominantly from the northeast. Right in front of Jeri village it’s cross off that is why most kiters head downwind passed the big dune where the wind blows more cross-shore. Forget to go sunbathing on a towel, just standing up you will get your legs sand beamed. The trade winds are enhanced by some  thermal effect so expect peak wind speeds in the afternoon. 

     The main wind season starts in June- July and goes until January-February when the rainy season begins. They call it rain season, but it is still mostly sunny and windy these months. Wind is not a guarantee though like in the windiest months which are August – November, with wind on 95% of days and often over 30 knots in the afternoon. Water temperatures are warm, so no wetsuit is needed but a lycra to protect you from the sun is a must! The wind makes it cool off in the evenings, so bring a sweater.


     There are no hotels directly at the kite spots, but yes many hotels and pousadas in Jeri village, from basic to super luxuary. The village has no pavement roads, only sandy allies with restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops. The beauty and remoteness makes Jeri a popular hippie hang out and tourists adore escaping the urban life style. There’s no cash machine and the nearest one is in Jijoca, at 35 km. If your batteries run low, you can explore the nearby national park by buggy or ride a horse up to ‘Pedra Furada’, the ´pierced rock´–  symbol of Jericoacoara – a huge rock on the beach with a hole in the middle. Other activities are sandboarding, SUPing or longboard surfing at Malhada beach.