How and where do I start? Is it dangerous? Is kitesurfing difficult? I m not strong, can I do it?
Below you will find some answers to these common questions.
Many people think you need loads of strength, but nothing is less true! You only steer with your hands like you would steer in a car. The power of the pull goes to your harnass and not to your arms.
Kitesurfing is easy!!It is easier than windsurf and much easier than surfing. You will learn how to fly the kite first, which is basically the same as flying a small kite on the beach, and only once you are good at that, you can start with the board. 10-12 hours spread over a 3 to 4 day course is what separates you from the guys having a blast on the water. And the good thing is that you keep on getting better very quickly. The learning curve for kitesurfing is extremely fast and there will be always new challenges and moves at your reach.
Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is not dangerous, but it could be if you are reckless. As a beginner always look for a certified school and preferably one at a comfortable spot with a large beach and good wind conditions. (steady wind and a beach without many hazards)
Do not start by yourself, you will endanger yourself and the others.
We have a few very nice spots to learn listed under the promo trips. (link)
Kiting is expensive? It doesn t have to be. You can buy the whole equipment for about 1000US$ if you don t want the latest version. Compare it to skiing or so and you will think it is cheap. No expensive lifts to pay the wind is free!
Travelling with kite gear is easy, so you can go on holiday to the most idyllic places and stay active while you are there. You will get to know fellow kite surfers from all over the world, because the vibe among the kite community is one of well educated, eco responsible and sportive people.