Sunset at Icaraizinho by Janjão


     Icaraizinho has something for any kiter of any level. There’s flat water at southeast end of the beach, playful one to two metre waves at the north end and standard coastal chop conditions in-between. There’s plenty of space to launch and land and the beach is free of sharp shells or stones, so it’s ideal if you’re still improving and hava to walk upwind.

     There are two classic downwinders you can do that are fun and alsoaccessible for those new to downwinding. Caetanos to Icaraizinho is approximately 15 kilometers with good waves along the way. Icaraizinho to Patos is slightly shorter at 14 kilometres and you’ll find small but rip-able waves as well as some flat water sections along the way on a high tide. 


     Expect perfect brazilian board short / bikini weather with air temps ata round 35 C in the high season. The water averages remain consistente, around 30 C, so the only pretection you’ll ever need is sun cream or a rashie at most. July to January are the windiest months and thankfully feel a little cooler than the actual air temperature, with 20-25 knot average winds from the east, peaking August to November when it ramps up to 25 to 40 knots. The rainy season (February to June) has less wind.


     Icaraizinho is a small and simple yet picturesque fishing village with basic amenities. There are no ATMs (get cash at the airport or before you travel) and no hospital; just a small clinic that offers a limited service and a small pharmacy. The nearest hospital is in Itapipoca, 80 kilometers away. You won’t need a hire car unless you’re planing to check out other spots on your way to or from Icaraizinho.