Cape Town, has gained its fame in the kite community as  early as in the late 90ies when there were already many kiters at blouberg beach. The red bull king of the air has turned it in one of the world’s greatest kiteboarding hubs for the southern hemisphere. There are many spots with various conditions from flat water to huge waves. When the clouds are hanging over table mountain, count 10 to 15 minutes and you ll be on your 7m. The strong Cape Doctor winds like they call it blow out of the southeast almost every day from october till may.

The majority of kiting around the Cape Peninsula happens in Table View, north of the city, where the wind blows from the left. Sunset Beach is the closest to Cape Town city.  Here the southeaster wind kicks in first and it can take while before it reaches the other spots further downwind. 

Ross-Dillon Player (RSA) in action on Day One of Red Bull King of the Air 2019. Image credit: Tyrone Bradley / Red Bull Content Pool.

Further north passed the bay you will come to Dolphin Beach and then Kite Beach, where the wind blows cross-shore. Dolphin Beach is a nice spot to start a downwind because there are many spots up north, all the way up to ‘Big Bay’ and beyond. 

Round the corner at Big Bay there’s a pleasant grassy área next to the beach with some bars, restaurants and shops, what makes it a nice pit stop if you re traveling with your wife or family. Expect to share the spot with windsurfers and sharks, but don t worry, there has not yet been registered a shark attack on a kiter in those areas. And the windsurfers: most kiters tend to ride slightly downwind from the windsurfer. Do so at Kamers, First Stone or Eerste Steen, Derde Steen and Horse Trails but these spots are much less crowded!

Further up there is an advanced wave spot called Haakgat. Even further up you ll see Melkbos which is the last spot on this stretch of coastline. General rule is if it is too strong south: head up further north for less wind.


It blows generally reliable and strong during south african summer (December and January being the peak). There is mostly no Wind during the morning, but  30+ knots by mid-afternoon.

Summer has very pleasant temperatures of 25 -35 C in contrast to very cold atlantic water temperatures averaging 14 C. Head southeast of the city to the Indian Oceans to get up to 19 C. You’ll have to suit up, sometimes even a 4mm with booties and gloves.


Plenty of things to do beside kitesurfing in and around capetown. Go hiking or mountainbiking in the beautiful mountains around Capetown. Visit the winefarms or go for a safari in the national parks. You can go see the pinguins at the cape, or go cage diving and see the great white shark from up close.  

Capetown is famous for its great food at cheap prices. It `s a great place to go healthy with lots of juice bars, fresh seafood restaurants etc. For accommodation most kiters prefer to stay around Sunset Beach / Table View / Big Bay (but also Muizenberg, southwest of the city) where there’s plenty of choice, from guest houses and hostels to luxury self catered homes. Around camps bay you can rent a 4 or 5 star villa for a reasonable price and you will be close by, to crash one of the many fashion parties in that neighbourhoud. To go shopping there are many options with many shopping malls spread over the area.  

It is easy to get around with a rental car, beware to drive on the left though. Crime can be an issue, so stay alert, and don `t drive into the townships.