La Dune Blanche by Marilou Beteta

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Located at the edge of western Sahara, the Dakhla península is separated from the Atlantic ocean by 45km long lagoon which offers great kiting. But the Dakhla surraoundings offer world class wave riding as well for example at Foum La Bouir and a number of other spots along the coast. The GKA Kite-surf World wave Tour will be held this year at Foum La Bouir for the second time in a row.

     The lagoon Works both at high and low tide. Picture ideal conditions for freestylers and freeriders for beginner kiters with waist deep and flat water during low tide. Most of the action happens around the kite camps.

     Winter swells deliver the best waves and this is when the schools organise transfers to the wave spots. Downwind lovers will embrace the ride from the kite camps all the way to Dakhla town.


     Dakhla has great conditions all year round. The wind generally blows out of the northeast around 17-25 knots during winter,  up to 30 knots in the summer months. At the wavespots the wind is often a bit weaker than at the lagoon. Thermical winds gain in strenght throughout the day untill sunset when it dies out again. 

     Dakhla has a very pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 20-30 C dropping to a fresh 12-15 C at night. Bring just boardshorts for the summer, and a shorty or a 3mm will do for most of the year. 


      Dakhla has great kitesurf to offer but is still very quiete off the water. Staying at a kite camp will make your trip more social and the camps offer transfers to town and back. They usually include rescue boat cover too (if you aren’t staying with them you can buy a voucher). If you stay in town it is best to rent a car.

     The small souks and spice markets in town are a nice excursion. Try the restaurant at the oyster farm or the local food on the water’s edge on the way  to town.